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Instruments and Modules

Instruments and Modules
Keysigt Sampling Oscilloscopes
N1000A DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe
N1030A Single optical channel module
N1030B Dual optical channel module
N1032A 90/120 GHz Single Channel Optical Module
N1032B 90/120 GHz Dual Channel Optical Module
N1040A Dual electrical channel module
N1045B 60 GHz 2/4 Port Electrical Remote Sampling Head
N1046A 75/85/100 GHz 1/2/4 Port Electrical Remote Sampling Head
N1055A 35/50 GHz, 2/4 Port, Electrical Remote Sampling Head with TDR/TDT
N1060A Precision Waveform Analyzer
N1076B Electrical Clock Recovery
N1077A Optical/Electrical Clock Recovery
N1077B Optical/Electrical Clock Recovery
N1078A Optical/Electrical Clock Recovery
N1090A Optical sampling oscilloscope
N1092A Single optical channel oscilloscope
N1092B Dual optical channel oscilloscope
N1092C Optical and electrical oscilloscope
N1092D Quad optical channel oscilloscope
N1092E Optical and electrical oscilloscope
N1094A Dual electrical channel oscilloscope
N1094B Quad electrical channel oscilloscope
Picotech PicoScope Sampling Oscilloscopes
9311-20 kit, 2-channels, 20 GHz, TDR/TDT, Sampling oscilloscope
9321-20 kit, 2-channels, 20 GHz, Clock Recovery, Optical Input, Sampling oscilloscope
9341-20 kit, 4-channels, 20 GHz Sampling oscilloscope
9301-20 kit, 2 channels, 20 GHz Sampling oscilloscope
9301-30 kit, 2 channels, 30 GHz Sampling oscilloscope
9302-20 kit, 2 channels, 20 GHz Sampling oscilloscope, Clock recovery
9341-30 kit, 4 channels, 30 GHz Sampling oscilloscope
9404-05 5 GHz sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope
9404-16 16 GHz sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope
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