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Work Seamlessly and Productively with Modern Test Workbenches

Test, Analyze, and Share Collaboratively

Remote learning technology spending has experienced double-digit percentage growth, year-over-year. The COVID-19 pandemic helped catalyze that growth, as universities and colleges realized the importance of having a remote learning infrastructure to adapt to this new environment.

Transformation is underway. According to a recent survey by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum, 72% of respondents from 29 countries expect a hybrid model of higher education, with both in-person and online learning, by 2025. Even in electronics teaching labs, a real need exists for technology that requires students and educators to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively.

Keysight solution

Keysight’s new Smart Bench Essential Series teaching lab equipment is affordable and modern. It works seamlessly with Keysight PathWave software, allowing you to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively, across the room or around the world. The differentiated Keysight Lab Manager software allows you to configure your lab with the click of a button and manage all your lab assets effortlessly. With remote learning becoming the new normal, Keysight Remote Access Lab software allows you to access your lab equipment, even from home. It also comes with KeysightCare, which provides access to technical experts from Keysight and 24/7 knowledge center to help you get up to speed in the shortest time.

Keysight Smart Bench Essential Series

Many test equipment vendors do not have a complete portfolio of products for their teaching lab solutions. They mix and match models with an inconsistent look and feel, graphical user interface, and connectivity. Keysight Smart Bench Essential Series is a modern design solution for test workbenches in teaching labs, as well as for aspiring new product development electronics engineers. When testing your device, you need a complete portfolio of test instruments to perform specific functions.

The picture shows how all the instruments work together to test your DUT. However, there is more to how each instrument performs its primary functions.

Many teaching labs have limited workspace and workbenches that have test instruments with inconsistent user interfaces and connectivity. Keysight offers a complete portfolio of instruments with a common user interface and software, allowing students or electronics engineers to do more with these instruments directly or remotely from anywhere, at any time.

Connected to your next innovation

The Smart Bench Essential Series makes your work easier and more intuitive. All four instruments come with a 7-inch liquid crystal display with intuitive soft buttons and a consistent graphical user interface. The color coding for each channel is uniform among the instruments.

Large screen with a consistent and intuitive graphical user interface

Connected to each other

The Smart Bench Essential Series helps you accelerate your work with a connected bench. The instruments come with PathWave BenchVue software applications to help you easily configure your instruments, operate them on the same PC screen to test your DUT, capture all the data, and share results with your peers. You can also store all your data on a PC and export them in common readable formats for post-analysis work and report generation. The instrument hardware and software help you work seamlessly and productively.

Connected to the lab

Many work or teaching labs have a mixture of old and new instruments that are not interconnected. Configurations for each bench are done manually on the front panel of each instrument. Setting up each instrument configuration individually in a teaching lab with 10 or more benches quickly becomes cumbersome and unproductive.

Keysight PathWave Lab Manager software works seamlessly with the Smart Bench

Essential Series instruments to perform the following functions:

  • Lab configuration tool allows you to arrange the lab layout, number of benches, type and number of instruments, and name of the benches according to the lab layout.
  • Lab administration tool lets you monitor the status of all the bench instruments in the lab and send instrument configurations to selected instruments. You can reset all instruments in the lab into default configuration, if necessary.
  • Asset tracking tool allows educators to intuitively manage a long list of lab assets, including instruments, equipment, and accessories. This function also helps you track calibration due dates for all your instruments.
  • Mass firmware update tool allows educators to update the firmware of their connected Keysight instruments in one click.




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