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The Top Keysight Downloads for 2024

A Guide to the Fundamentals of 6G eBook 

Discover the cutting-edge technologies and exciting possibilities awaiting us in the next generation of wireless communication. This comprehensive 6G eBook is your ultimate guide to understanding and harnessing the potential of this groundbreaking innovation Dive deep into the realm of 6G as we break down its new technologies and explore the diverse use cases that will revolutionize the way we connect.

The Essential Guide for Understanding O-RAN 

Open RAN introduces a ground-breaking approach for mobile network operators (MNOs) to construct their radio access networks (RANs). With a multivendor, interoperable, and autonomous supply ecosystem, MNOs have unprecedented flexibility and freedom to build networks that meet their unique needs. 

Discover how O-RAN is revolutionizing mobile communication networks, empowering MNOs with a revolutionary solution for next-generation connectivity.

How Satellites Bolster 5G Through Non-Terrestrial Networks 

5G has taken things to a whole new level, integrating satellites and high-altitude platforms to boost its reach and reliability. Say hello to non-terrestrial networks (NTNs). These game-changers will expand the capabilities of 5G, providing service even in remote regions. 

Download this white paper to discover the origins of 5G NTN, the advantages it offers, real-world use cases, and the testing requirements involved.

Boost IoT with 5G NR RedCap 

Robust growth of RedCap devices is expected through the 2020s if they can adequately meet the coverage, cost, and power consumption requirements of IoT applications while operating on 5G networks. 

Download Keysight's white paper today to learn more about RedCap requirements, use cases, cost reduction strategies, and power efficiency enhancements.