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Combined units > 1kW

Combined units > 1kW
ITECH Regenerative DC Power Systems
IT-M3901B-10-170 Regenerative power system (10V, -120 to 170A, -1.2 to 1.7kW)
IT-M3903B-10-340 Regenerative power system (10V, -240 to 340A, -2.4 to 3.4kW)
IT-M3905B-10-510 Regenerative power system (10V, -360 to 510A, -3.6 to 5.1kW)
IT-M3910B-10-1020 Regenerative power system (10V, -720 to 1020A, -7.2 to 10.2kW)
IT-M3902B-32-80 Regenerative power system (32V, +/-80A, +/-2kW)
IT-M3904B-32-160 Regenerative power system (32V, +/-160A, +/-4kW)
IT-M3906B-32-240 Regenerative power system (32V, +/-240A, +/-6kW)
IT-M3912B-32-480 Regenerative power system (32V, +/-480A, +/-12kW)
IT-M3902B-80-40 Regenerative power system (80V, +/-40A, +/-2kW)
IT-M3904B-80-80 Regenerative power system (80V, +/-80A, +/-4kW)
IT-M3906B-80-120 Regenerative power system (80V, +/-120A, +/-6kW)
IT-M3912B-80-240 Regenerative power system (80V, +/-240A, +/-12kW)
IT-M3902B-300-20 Regenerative power system (300V, +/-20A, +/-2kW)
IT-M3904B-300-40 Regenerative power system (300V, +/-40A, +/-4kW)
IT-M3906B-300-60 Regenerative power system (300V, +/-60A, +/-6kW)
IT-M3912B-300-120 Regenerative power system (300V, +/-120A, +/-12kW)
IT-M3902B-500-12 Regenerative power system (500V, +/-12A, +/-2kW)
IT-M3904B-500-24 Regenerative power system (500V, +/-24A, +/-4kW)
IT-M3906B-500-36 Regenerative power system (500V, +/-36A, +/-6kW)
IT-M3912B-500-72 Regenerative power system (500V, +/-72A, +/-12kW)
IT-M3902B-800-8 Regenerative power system (800V, +/-8A, +/-2kW)
IT-M3904B-800-16 Regenerative power system (800V, +/-16A, +/-4kW)
IT-M3906B-800-24 Regenerative power system (800V, +/-24A, +/-6kW)
IT-M3912B-800-48 Regenerative power system (800V, +/-48A, +/-12kW)
IT-M3906B-1500-12 Regenerative power system (1500V, +/-12A, +/-6kW)
IT6005B-80-150 Regenerative Power System (5kW, 80V, 150A)
IT6006B-300-75 Regenerative Power System (6kW, 300V, 75A)
IT6006B-500-40 Regenerative Power System (6kW, 500V, 40A)
IT6006B-800-25 Regenerative Power System (6kW, 800V, 25A)
IT6010B-80-300 Regenerative Power System (10kW, 80V, 300A)
IT6012B-300-150 Regenerative Power System (12kW, 300V, 150A)
IT6012B-500-80 Regenerative Power System (12kW, 500V, 80A)
IT6012B-800-50 Regenerative Power System (12kW, 800V, 50A)
IT6015B-80-450 Regenerative Power System (15kW, 80V, 450A)
IT6018B-300-225 Regenerative Power System (18kW, 300V, 225A)
IT6018B-500-120 Regenerative Power System (18kW, 500V, 120A)
IT6018B-800-75 Regenerative Power System (18kW, 800V, 75A)
IT6018B-1500-40 Regenerative Power System (18kW, 1500V, 40A)
IT6018B-2250-25 Regenerative Power System (18kW, 2250V, 25A)
IT6036B Regenerative Power System (36kW)
IT6054B Regenerative Power System (54kW)
IT6072B Regenerative Power System (72kW)
IT6090B Regenerative Power System (90kW)
IT6108B Regenerative Power System (108kW)
IT6126B Regenerative Power System (126kW)
IT6144B Regenerative Power System (144kW)
IT6512C 1800W DC power supply 80V / 120A
IT6513C 1800W DC power supply 200V / 30A
IT6514C 1800W DC power supply 360V / 30A
IT6515C 1800W DC power supply 500V / 20A
IT6516C 1800W DC power supply 750V / 15A
IT6517C 1800W DC power supply 1000V / 10A
IT6522C 3000W DC power supply 80V / 120A
IT6523C 3000W DC power supply 200V / 60A
IT6524C 3000W DC power supply 360V / 30A
IT6525C 3000W DC power supply 500V / 20A
IT6526C 3000W DC power supply 750V / 15A
IT6527C 3000W DC power supply 1000V / 10A
Keysight Regenerative DC Power Systems
RP7941A Regenerative Power System, 20 V, +/-400 A, 5 kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7942A Regenerative Power System, 80 V, +/-125 A, 5 kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7943A Regenerative Power System, 20 V, +/-800 A, 10 kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7945A Regenerative Power System, 80 V, +/-250 A, 10 kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7946A Regenerative Power System, 160 V, +/-125 A, 10 kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7961A Regenerative Power System, 500V, +/-20A, 5kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7962A Regenerative Power System, 500V, +/-40A, 10kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7963A Regenerative Power System, 950V, +/-20A, 10kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7972A Regenerative Power System, 1000V, +/-60A, 20kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7973A Regenerative Power System, 2000V, +/-30A, 20kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7982A Regenerative Power System, 1000V, +/-90A, 30kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7983A Regenerative Power System, 2000V, +/-30A, 30kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7984A Regenerative Power System, 1500V, +/-60A, 30kW, 400/480 VAC
RP7909A Rack Mount Kit for RP7900 Regenerative Power System
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