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Join us in our free half day seminar about
Power Quality with PSL in Aarhus

We are pleased to invite you to a seminar about power quality with Alex McEachern, founder of Power Standards Lab and the AC power analyzer - PQube. Alex is a senior member of the IEEE and has written many of the most important power quality standards.

Power Standards Lab, PSL, is represented in Denmark by Altoo Measurement Science. PSL has a product portfolio of small AC analyzers PQube 3.

Measurements includes AC/DC voltages and current on 16.67 Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz, 2kHz to 150kHz conducted emissions, high frequency impulses at 4MHz, flicker and voltage harmonics. Starting prices from DKK 13.643,-

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Alex McEachern

Power Standards Lab, USA

Agenda for the 24th of May 2018



Welcome and coffee/tea/water



Interesting real-world Power Quality problems in Denmark, Europe and around the globe. 
(Alex McEachern - PSL)



2-150KHz Supra-Harmonics. A very interesting frequency range to have a closer look at
A new Power Quality problem. (Alex McEachern - PSL)



Break and buffet with coffee/tea and cake



Latest Power Quality Technologies and Global Research Projects

  • Micro-synchrophasors on distribution networks and grid stability
  • Smart Grids and Power Quality o "Big Data" initiatives
  • Opportunities for European participation in worldwide research projects (Alex McEachern - PSL) 


Further questions and end of the day. All sessions will be presented in English.


All sessions will be presented in English.


Venue and registration


  • Montra Hotel Sabro Kro
  • Viborgvej 780
  • 8471 Sabro


Please include:

  • Your name and company.
  • Email and phone number.

 We have a limited number of seats.